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10.26" 4K Dash Cam

10.26" 4K Dash Cam

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Sd Card Memory


 Frames Per Second: 30

Assembly Mode: Portable Recorder

Cable Length: 1.5M

View angle: 105°-140°

Number Of Lenses: 2

Accessories: Car charger

Interface: AV-In

Interface: USB2.0

Interface: Micro SD/TF

NightShot Function: YES

Power Source: Corded Electric

Video Code: H.265

Weight: 1.1KG

Original Package: YES

Dimensions (W x H x D): 24.5*0.6*9.5cm

Loop-Cycle Recording Feature: YES

Audio Recorded: YES

Camera Resolution: 3840x2160

Special Features: G-sensor

Special Features: Motion Detection

Special Features: With Rearview Mirror

Special Features: Radar Detector

Special Features: waterproof

Special Features: Anti Fog

Special Features: Anti Vibration

Special Features: Wifi Function

Special Features: bluetooth

Special Features: Voice Control

Special Features: Parking Monitor

Special Features: ADAS

Special Features: Speed and Coordinates Recording

Special Features: External GPS

Built-in Screen: YES

Battery Type: No Battery

Video Format: TS

Touch Screen: YES

Data Storage Capacity: 128M EMMC +8Gbits DDR

Item Type: Car DVR

GPS logger: External

Battery: None

Maximum Video Frame Rate: 30

Input/Output: AUX

Memory Card Required Reding Speed: Class 10

Working Temperature: -20℃-70℃

OSD Language: Arabic

OSD Language: Chinese (Simplified)

OSD Language: English

OSD Language: French

OSD Language: German

OSD Language: Hebrew

OSD Language: Japanese

OSD Language: Korean

OSD Language: Polish

OSD Language: Portuguese

OSD Language: Russia

OSD Language: Russian

OSD Language: Spanish

OSD Language: Vietnamese

Pixels: 800Mega

Rear Camera: YES

Display: IPS

Max External Memory: 128G

Choice: yes


Equip with Powerful Core—4 core chip:This product uses a top-level 4-core chip with 14nm and 2T computing power, allowing the device to maintain 4K image quality for the front camera and 1080P image quality for the rear camera while achieving three-second fast boot. In addition, it makes the entire operating system run very smoothly without delay. Other devices with the same configuration on the market can only achieve a boot speed of more than 10 seconds because they use a single-core chip.


With Dual Camera Recording Function:A front-facing camera (built-in) with 4K 2160P resolution + A rear-facing camera (optional) with 1080P resolution.

With 10.26-inch IPS touchscreen and a 170° wide viewing angle. With up to 8 million pixels, it achieves a true 4K 3840*2160P ultra-high-definition resolution, enabling us to record other vehicles' license plates, road signs, and key details on the road with great clarity.


Support for Smart H.265 intelligent encoding:

Compared to H.264 encoding, devices that use H.265 encoding provide better image quality, smaller file sizes, and longer recording times.


Driving Habit Selection

According to your demand,Choose Left driving mode or Right Driving mode.You can freely switch the driving habits you feel comfortable with in the settings, whether left or right, just make sure you can see the best view.Advanced Driver Assistance Systems:Detect your surroundings and help you avoid accidents by real-time voice alert.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Detect your surroundings and help you avoid accidents by real-time voice alert.

(1)With Lane departure warning system
ADAS function trigger conditions:
If you are using a GPS active antenna, the system will only trigger a lane departure warning if your driving speed is above 50KM/h. If you are not using a                 GPS active antenna, there is no speed requirement, and the system will trigger a warning as long as a lane departure occurs.
(2)With Forward Collision Warning System

(3)With Front Vehicle Starting Reminder System

Please choose GPS Antenna,otherwise you can't use this function normally


Wired and Wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connection

Note:Not support huawei mobile phone

Regarding wireless Android Auto connectivity, it supports phones with Android 10 and above. For phones with Android versions below 10, only wired connectivity is supported.

Airplay/Miracast Wireless Mirroring:Miracast:Directly Connect it,No Need to Download APP,Not support Google mobile phone.

Through AirPlay and miracast functions, you can directly cast mobile phone videos, mobile phone pictures and mobile phone music to the driving recorder.

Various Display Mode:Our products support UI full screen and split screen.In carplay/Android auto mode,it supports front/rear view full screen,front/rearview split screen,full map,map+music,map+music+front/rear view dashcam,map+musci+front and rear view dashcam.You can choose display mode according to your requirement.

Buit-in Speaker+FM Transmitter + AUX Audio Output:

Listen to music through different ways.

(1) Bluetooth Audio:

a:For CarPlay or Android use only;

b:Please use your phone to directly connect to the original car's Bluetooth;

(2) AUX Out Audio:

By using an AUX cable to connect with the vehicle's AUX interface, you can directly enjoy the original sound quality of the car. Low noise, high fidelity.


(3) Dual-channel FM transmitter:

It can be connected to the original car to enjoy the original car audio quality (only needs to be manually connected once, and then can be automatically connected).


(4) Native Audio:

Built in speaker,you can listen to the music via device directly.


Note:If you get the version which doesn't have 4 kinds of music play mode.please click on the below link to contact us to help you do the upgrade.


Support Voice Assistant:In Carplay/Android Auto mode,supports Siri/Google voice control.Free your hands and enjoy more safer driving experience.

With 5G High-speed WiFi:Equipped with built-in WiFi, it can be connected to a mobile phone, you can preview real-time images to view historical records and quickly download pictures. With the latest 5G Hz technology, the video transmission speed will be faster and smoother than the traditional 2.4G Hz.

GPS Navigation:In CarPlay and Android Auto mode, the DVR can realize the GPS navigation function, and you can directly wake up the voice assistant and say your destination, it will help you plan your route, which is more convenient and safe for your drive.(Note: The DVR itself does not have GPS navigation software)


GPS Tracking & APP Control:With precise GPS technology, track your vehicle's location and routes accurately for reliable navigation. Tracks the exact location of an accident if one should occur, view and download videos via Wi-Fi connection of our Carplay from the Roadcam App, crucial for roadside assistance and insurance claims. You can also share your wonderful journey video to your family or friends!


Real Time Reverse View:Support 1080P full screen reverse image and with guide line.When reversing, the system will automatically turn on the high-definition reversing camera at the rear of the car and clearly display the state of the rear of the car on the reverse IPS screen, so that you can accurately grasp the road conditions at the rear. The preview angle can be adjusted by sliding the left side of the screen to control the position of the guide line.

24h Parking Monitoring:Allows you to connect dash cam to a vehicle battery source, get constant power supply from the battery directly, so your car DVR will keep work even when ignition is off. (Additional purchase of buck line is required)



Loop Recording: The recording files will loop and overwrite the oldest videos when the TF/SD card is full to achieve continuous recording. You can set the video file length from 1,2,5 min by settings. Max Support 256 GB TF card.

3-Axis G-Sensor:With built-in 3-Axis G-sensor, the sensitivity can be set to low, medium, or high. If there is vibration during recording, the machine will record a new 20-second video and save it to the emergency recording.


Packing list:

1 x 10.26" Car DVR

1 x Car Charger

1 x 3M GPS Antenna(Optional,depend on your choice)

1 x 6M Rearview Camera(Optional,depend on your choice)

1 x AUX Cable(Optional,depend on your choice)

1 x Manual

Note:If you choose full set with 64G TF Card set meal,the 64G TF card has been inserted into the evice in advance.



1: Is this device suitable for my car?

This is a 10.26" universal car radio, just fix it on the center console.

2: How to connect wireless carplay/android auto?

First pair the mobile phone with Bluetooth, and then connect to the WIFI signal. After both are connected, carplay/android auto will automatically jump to the corresponding interface.

3: How to connect wired android auto?

It can be connected through the mobile phone data cable, please pay attention to use the original car cable that can be used for data transmission.

4: Why is there no sound from the device?

1. The AUX cable is inserted and the FM transmitter switch is turned on.

2. When the FM transmitter switch is turned on, the speaker has no sound.

5: Is it possible to transmit audio to the car's speakers via Bluetooth?

No, only via AUX cable or FM channel.

6: How to sync sound via FM?

Turn on the FM Transmitter on the device, adjust the channel of the car radio to a blank station, and set the radio on the device to the same frequency as the radio on the car, the setting is complete.

7: How to sync sound via AUX cable?

Find the AUX cable, then connect one end of the cable to the "audio" port on the slide right of the device, connect the other end to the AUX-IN port on the car, and enter the AUX playback interface of the car radio to synchronize the sound - Set up.

8: Why doesn't the screen light up?

(1). Check whether the power supply is plugged in properly(connect with type-c port next to AV port).One end of the cigarette lighter is installed in place,and the other end will be connected to the lowermost DC 12V power supply port on the left side of the device.

(2). After confirming that the power is turned on, if the screen is still not on, there is a reset button on the back of the device, press and hold for 3 seconds.

(3). Software problems, you can upgrade the software, please contact customer service.

9: What should I do if the picture of rear camera is shaking ?

(1).Please Check whether the rear camera line is plugged in AV port properly(Note:should connect the rear camera at first,then power on machine)

(2).Then restart the device

10:Can I use the rear camera of the original car/other brand?

No, only the rear camera of Imagebon is supported, the camera of the original car/other brands is not suitable for the device







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