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Car Headlight Restoration Polishing Kits

Car Headlight Restoration Polishing Kits

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Special Features: window clean

Model Name: Headlight Restoration Kit

Feature 1: Spot Rust & Tar Spot Remover

Feature 2: Headlight Renewal Polish

Feature 3: Car Headlight Polishing Agent

Feature 4: headlight maintenance liquid

Feature 5: agent scratch remover repair fluid

Feature 6: headlight restoration kit

Feature 7: headlamp polishing and cleaning



Provides professional effects of yellow, oxidized, cracked, fuzzy, and lightly shaved headlights to improve visibility and safety during night driving. 

Features: Car headlight repair and renovation - Lightweight scratch repair, yellow refurbishment, oxidation, Kraken, blur.

Quickly and easily restore the clarity of the oxidized and yellowed headlights


Instructions for use:

1 . Turn on the car lights for more than half an hour or be exposed to sunlight bring the temperature of the vehicle lights to over 40'C

2. Use this product to apply to a sponge and continuously wipe the car lights with force for 3 minutes After completion , wait for 5 minutes and finally clean the car lights with water 

3 . To achieve the desired effect it is recommended to reuse than 2 times

 You can perfectly renovate the lights of your car



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