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Extrusion Metal Repair Adhesive

Extrusion Metal Repair Adhesive

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Application Materials: Metal

Type: Caulk

 Content: 100g, 70g,50g,20g

Color: Iron Grey (after mixing)
Use ratio: A:B=1:1 (mixed use)
Curing time: 1 hour initial curing, 24 hours full curing
Shelf life: 12 months
Compressive strength: 82~95 (Mpa)
Density: 1.6~1.85H/CM2
Temperature resistance range: -40°C~200°C See the packaging for the shelf life
Scope of application: Mainly used for repairing various casting defects such as sand holes, pores and cracks in steel, iron, aluminum and other castings

Bonding Process:
1. First, make sure that the cleaning parts that need repair are free of stains.
2. Use files, sandpaper and other tools to process the plane.
3. Press the volume ratio of A and B components to 1:1 to evenly cover the object to be repaired.

1: Instead of welding, it is stronger than iron, and solves drawbacks of glue that cannot be processed
2: High resistance! Low temperature, no fear of temperature difference changes, to meet various requirements of water tanks, fuel tanks, engines, etc.
3: The glue is tested at high temperature. After the glue is cured, it is placed in water and boiled in a pot. The glue still has no degumming and melting reaction.
4: Drilling, washing and grinding test. After the glue is cured, use an electric drill, sharpener, and grinding to test. The glue has toughness and is still bright and beautiful without damage.
5: Metal fittings welding scene, as long as metal fittings can be welded, suitable for various electrical appliances, machines, etc.

Reminder: If you find the product hardened after receiving the product, dont worry, you can soak it in water for a while or use it with water, the product is no problem
1. If you receive the different brand ,just the package difference,the functions and effects are the same.
2. The glue is installed by machine, air is mixed in the process, it is inevitable, and the weight error is 5g per bottle.



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