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Portable Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressor

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 Voltage: 12V

Battery type: lithium-ion battery

Rated capacity: 2000mAh (14.4Wh)

Inflation pressure: 0.2-10.3ba/3-150psi

Rated input: 5V=2A

product size: 123*75.5*45.8mm


Newest air pump 2 Portable Smart Digital Tire Pressure Detection Electric Inflator Pump For Bike Motorcycle Car Football,Motorcycle Car Football, electric scooter




product Weight:about 490G

product size : 123×75.5×45.8mm (bare machine size, without air pipe).

Rated capacity 2000 mAh(14.4Wh)

Rated input 5V=2A

Air nozzle size (inside diameter) :

American air nozzle interface Φ6.9mm

French air nozzle conversion head Φ6mm

F ast air nozzle conversion head Φ6.9m

Battery type: lithium-ion battery

Inflation pressure: 0.2-10.3ba/3-150psi

Working temperature: 10℃~45℃

Charging temperature: 5℃~40℃

Storage temperature: -10℃~45℃

Rated capacity: 2000mAh (14.4Wh)

type C Charging (not include cable need inferiority)


Package Contents:

Inflatable treasure x1

Gas needle x1(,American air nozzle interface Φ6.9mm ,French air nozzle conversion head Φ6mm,Fast air nozzle conversion head Φ6.9mm)

Storage bag x1




Added quick connector conversion head for quick and clean installation.


The newly added quick connector conversion head allows for easy and fast installation of the nozzle. With a wide variety of accessories, it can adapt to more inflation scenes.

Built-in lithium battery allows for free inflation anytime and anywhere.


The built-in 2000mAh high-rate lithium battery provides ample power. Without an external power supply, you can say goodbye to cable constraints

Lightweight, Portable, and Easy to Store


Weighing only about 490g*, the simple and compact design of the inflator makes it easy to carry around while on the go. Whether you need to store it in your backpack, car, or at home, its small and sleek design won't take up much space.

Accurate Real-time Tire Pressure Display with Automatic Stop


Set your desired pressure value or select a preset mode, and the inflator will do the rest. Once the inflation is complete, it will automatically stop without any need for supervision, making it effortless and worry-free. The digital sensor chip used in the inflator ensures precise tire pressure detection with an accuracy of up to 1psi*.

The inflator's hose switch ensures against any accidental activation.

Switch on-Take out the hose,Switch off-Put in the hose

Four-grid Battery Display for Accurate Remaining Power Indication

The inflator precisely displays the remaining battery power with a four-grid indicator


*At full charge, this product can inflate a 205/55 R16 car tire from 0 to 2.5 bar in approximately 8 minutes at an ambient temperature of 25°C±2°C.

*At full charge, this product can inflate up to 10 205/55 R16 car tires from 2.0 to 2.5 bar in approximately 2 minutes per tire at an ambient temperature of 25°C±2°C.

*At full charge, this product can inflate at least 2 205/55 R16 car tires from 0 to 2.5 bar at an ambient temperature of 25°C±2°C.

*Inflation from 0psi to an average of 120psi for a 700c road bike tire takes approximately 86 seconds at an ambient temperature of 25°C±2°C.

*The tire pressure detection accuracy of the Mi Home Inflator 1 is ±2psi, while the Mi Home Inflator 2 has been upgraded to ±1psi.

*The weight of the Mi Home Inflator 2 does not include the weight of the French nozzle conversion head, air needle, quick connect nozzle conversion head, or storage bag, and is approximately 490g.

*The Mi Home Inflator 2 does not come with a Type-C charging cable and power adapter, which users need to purchase separately.

*All data on this page, unless otherwise specified, is sourced from external laboratories. Due to environmental differences, actual usage may vary slightly.

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