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Solar Rotation Car Air Freshener

Solar Rotation Car Air Freshener

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Color Name


Type: Solar automatic rotation

Material Type: Plastic+Alloy

Item Length: 8

Special Features: Sensing sunlight

Model Name: C42071

Item Height: 3.5

Shape: solid

Item Type: Air Freshener

Item Weight: 230

Choice: yes



Solar Rotation Car Air Freshener Automatic Car Perfume Diffuser Essential Oil Diffuser Dashboard Ornaments Remove Odor

Product name: Essential oil diffuser

Type: Solar automatic rotation
Color: Black, red, blue, silver
Material: Aluminum+ABS
Size: 8cmx3.5cm
Aromatherapy tablet: Made of beech
Essential oil added: Drop directly into beech chips



1. High-quality aromatherapy : high-quality ABS and alloy materials have good light resistance and high temperature resistance.

2. Fragrance : Aromatherapy essential oils are extracted from natural plant ingredients, no alcohol, no additives, equipped with natural birch incense ingots, and use fragrance-locking technology to exude a natural fragrance.

3. Design : The in-car aroma diffuser adopts a special air duct design, which forms a turbine during the rotation, which is uniform and lasting, with a pleasant fragrance and fresh air.

4. ot obstructing sight : the solar aroma diffuser , with a flying saucer-shaped appearance, compact structure, not obstructing the driver's sight, and no noise when rotating.

5. Solar Power Air Freshener : directly powered by solar energy, which drives the motor to rotate, full of sense of technology, no need of cell, eco-friendly.


Note:If the fragrance is exhausted, replenish the essential oil to re-distribute the fragrance



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